• Thursday, December 22, 2022

Praise be to God, after more than 4 months of continuous work and more than 900 working hours, the completion of our advanced system, Hostrena.com, which specializes in hosting websites, hosting WordPress, hosting private and dedicated servers, protecting websites, hosting e-mail, hosting applications, building websites and online stores, Domain registration.

How much time and effort have we spent to release something advanced, and we have an ambitious plan to host 20,000 websites during the year 2023.

A special discount for developers and companies and for anyone who owns more than 10 hosted websites, on all shared hosting plans.

Anyone can join us, and get 20% profit on every sale made on the website, whether hosting or other services. The ratio is repeated and not one time.

The system is connected to fully configured servers for all types of hosting. Contact us

The following are required to work as Kafr Lancer from home:

* Designer of social media advertising images.

* Translator of articles in the fields of hosting websites prepared for SEO.

* Data entry explaining web hosting.

Work from home on the project at any time that suits you and with a budget to be agreed upon before implementation.