We are here to help people publishing their ideas to the world.

Our vision was clear from the beginning, to spread the ideas of creative people to the whole world through the selection of high-quality infrastructure, an easy-to-use administrative system, and a professional team with great skills that extend over many years.

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Hostrena's story How was it established ?

Hostrena's story How was it established ?

We are a work team working in the field of hosting and building websites, building and managing servers, operating systems and applications since 2007, without owning our own system, until our system was established through Linkysoft for Information Systems in 2017, and after the success of providing our services and a lot of requests that Teaching it and building great trust with our customers, it was time to establish our entire system, which was built with more than 18 years of experience in hosting, building websites and managing servers.

Vision and purpose

Vision and purpose

Our goal is clear from the beginning to provide a high infrastructure for hosting websites and servers, and to create an easy, flexible and simple administrative system for users with professional tools to build high-quality websites with high protection. This was a difficult challenge that we were able to provide to all our customers, something wonderful and amazing.

We share goals with our clients in terms of providing easy-to-use hosting, creating a website with an impact in the required field, innovation and creativity in digital technology.

Why choose hosting services from Hostrena?

customers satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority in all our services, we understand what our customers want and we are constantly working to develop it tirelessly.

Quality of services

This is what we guarantee to all customers, providing high-quality hosting services and a stable infrastructure with advanced protection tools

Professional work team

The success of any company stems from the work team based on it, we employ the best and most skilled experts in hosting websites and managing servers

Live technical support

Providing technical support around the clock through various support methods that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

Automated management system

In our management system for users, we take into account ease and smoothness. We provide a management system for managing hosting and managing your website automatically by a large percentage.

Share success

What makes us most happy and empowered is the success of our customers' business, so we are excited about the success of your website, side by side with you.